client stories

Real People. Real Impact.


1. Helping A Legal Immigrant Gain Citizenship


Antonio came to us a few years ago. He had entered the United States legally, and subsequently had met and married his wife. He wanted to obtain a green card so that he could stay as a resident. We helped him with this process. Antonio came back to us a few years later, seeking to become a citizen. We were able to help him achieve this dream. His wife and two children were present to see him take his oath. Now Antonio can vote, travel, work, and support his family without ever having to worry about his status.

“Our identity is not based on race or ethnicity, it's based on a set of shared values. That's American citizenship.”

— Jeb Bush


2. Re-Opening a Closed Residency Case


Samuel originally entered Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic. He met and married a U.S. citizen, and his wife applied for him to become a legal resident. However, the marriage ended before that process could be completed. Fast forward a few years, and Samuel had moved to Michigan. He remarried and began a family. He again tried to obtain residency, but this time the outcome was worse. The U.S. government said his first marriage was fraudulent and that he could never become a resident. Samuel was picked up by Immigration, and his legal woes became serious. He spent years and thousands of dollars with different attorneys, trying to resolve the issue. After finally being released from jail, he came to us to see if there was any hope at all. We were able to get him a new interview with Immigration, and his application was finally approved. Samuel is now a Legal Permanent Resident. He can support his family here, and also travel freely to the Dominican Republic to visit family members who are ill.

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3. Protecting Children From Abuse


Oscar was born in Honduras to an abusive, alcoholic father who brutalized his mother and was jailed for sexually abusing his two young sisters. Though Oscar attempted to protect his mother and sisters from frequent abuse, his age and size prevented him from defending them. As a teenager, Oscar finally traveled to the United States to escape the unrelenting abuse.

After United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement spotted and detained Oscar, he became a client of community partner Bethany Christian Services while in deportation proceedings. We agreed to defend Oscar from deportation. The United States offers protection for children through Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. This applies to children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by one or both of his or her parents. Fortunately, Oscar’s SIJ has been approved, and we are now in the process of applying for his green card.

“A quarter of all adults report having been physically abused as children.”

— World Health Organization, September 2016