Humanitarian Cases 

We provide limited legal representation and help with various humanitarian applications, including:

  • U Visas for victims of crime

  • T Visas for victims of trafficking

  • Refugee Green Card applications

  • Asylum applications

  • Temporary protective status

  • Special immigrant juvenile status

  • Representation in Immigrant Court

  • Self-Petition under Violence Against Women Act


Family Reunification

We offer services to bring and keep families together, including:

  • Family petitions

  • Adjustment of Status

  • Representation in Immigration Court


Other Services

We also offer help with:

  • Citizenship

  • Advice and Council

  • Know Your Rights

  • Adjust of Status/Green Card

  • Family Preparedness

  • Detention Visitation


Services We Do Not Provide

We are unable to address:

  • Employment-based immigration cases, including TN, H1B

  • Students seeking to obtain visas

  • Most criminal cases