Helping People Who Seek the American Dream


In 2017, we served clients from 67 different countries!


So why do people attempt to navigate the difficult path to documented status? They’re pursuing the American dream. Some are running from political oppression, ethnic cleansing, religious persecution, domestic violence, starvation or war. Others are trying to reunite families, extend a visa to live here permanently, or get a job. Regardless of why they are on the path, they need help. Many of them are poor beyond imagining and don’t have the resources to hire professional help. Others may have means, but have difficulty finding a trustworthy advisor.

Immigrants have very few options for fair, objective, accurate and free legal advice. The costs and complexity of American immigration policy make it impossible for an average person — much less a refugee who doesn’t speak English or has no money — to navigate and pay for the process. A typical case requires approximately 40 hours and an average fee of $5,000. Much of this population is vulnerable and poor.